Video Brochures as an Ideal Marketing Option

The “aha” effect when someone holds a video brochure in their hand for the first time and opens it is a positive feedback every time. And then immediately, the question that pops up is the cost of this high-quality advertising medium. Video brochures have been mostly reserved for larger companies due to a larger minimum purchase and the associated high purchase costs.

You can opt for a vpak videovideo booklet brochure, which may turn out to be a great marketing tool for your company. They produce cards with an individual design and in different sizes. The video brochure combines print, video, and audio and offers the customer and your business a fascinating experience.

How a Video Brochure Works

When you open the individually designed brochure, a video starts automatically. Most video brochure makers use 7 “and 10” screens to adequately reflect the quality of the product or service. They usually produce video cards in 3 sizes: DIN A5, DIN A4, and 21×21 cm. The video brochure is unique because you don’t need a computer, smartphone, internet, screen, or other playback devices to show your product video or presentation, only the video brochure with the integrated video display and the controls.

The standard storage capacity is 256 MB and can optionally be expanded up to 8GB. The films are uploaded via a USB interface and can be transferred at any time. So that the video card, if you have, for example, for product videos, or in the real estate sector for exposés, remains up-to-date even in the event of a change. Your video brochure maker can update your videos in the event of a change.

The area of ​​application for these video brochures is almost unlimited. For the marketing of real estate, for image films, product or event videos, and as a reminder for VIP customers. With the latest technology, your products or services will become an unforgettable experience that your customers will remember for a long time.

Benefits of Video Brochures in Marketing

Video brochures provide a uniquevideo brochure marketing experience because people will understand better what you have to offer by watching the clips. It is highly preferred by many compared to reading. It is also a convenient form of marketing because people can watch these videos whenever they feel convenient. This mode of marketing also brings out a lasting impact. You will record more sales for quite some time. It is much cheaper compared to paying for TV ads or trying other marketing alternatives. How about you try it out for the best results.